Brian O’Shea

Brian W. O’Shea is the CEO and Senior Investigator at Striker Pierce.  Brian’s specialties include M&A/Exit Strategies and Information Protection for Investment Clients located in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and the Middle East.  Additionally, Brian assists companies in protecting their information, especially during deals, from competitive intelligence collection as well as information loss through nefarious means.  Part of this process is assisting companies in choosing the most secure data management systems for their enterprise or transaction and ensuring the proper management of data by all parties.

Brian has spent over 20 years in the field of investigations and intelligence working first in military intelligence for two Special Forces groups and then for two different government agencies.  Brian left government service to enter the world of boutique intelligence, focusing on corporate and executive clients, and finally founded Striker-Pierce.  Brian is featured in several publications on body language and human lie detection, has worked intelligence and investigations in over 27 different countries, and has solved over 500 domestic and international cases involving fraud, theft, corporate espionage, patent infringement.  Mr. O’Shea has also been a featured speaker at Reed Smith’s Cyber Security Roundtable, has been a guest speaker at several Canadian-based Corporate and Business Intelligence seminars, and has managed investigations and intelligence operations for several Fortune 500 companies and international financial firms.    Brian is a Certified Private Security Instructor in the Commonwealth of Virginia, has been certified in various disciplines by numerous law enforcement and intelligence organizations, and is a guest instructor for courses focused on social engineering, lie detection, and information elicitation.  Brian holds 3 undergraduate degrees and a Master’s of Criminology (Depth: White Collar Crime) from Boston University.

His specialties are corporate and defense investigations, executive due diligence, training.