Buğra Kalkan

Buğra Kalkan – Assistant Professor @ Katip Çelebi University
Speech: Rent-Seeking Societies vs. Open Access Societies

Dr. Buğra Kalkan is a professor of political science in Katip Celebi University, Izmir. He has three books as Spontaneous Order, Frederic Bastiat on Politics and State and James M. Buchanan: Pathologies of Democracy and Constitutional Measures (All in Turkish). Dr. Kalkan received his PhD at Gazi University, Ankara and did his post-doctoral research at King’s College, London. Kalkan studied with professors such as David Schmidtz and Mark Pennington. He is currently an assistant professor at Katip Çelebi University. He is also a senior academic fellow in the Association for Liberal Thinking,Turkey and Assistant Editor at Quarterly Liberal Thought.