Introducing Giorgi Sinauridze: Pioneering the Future of Telemedicine with Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship


School: Tbilisi State Medical University

We are thrilled to announce that MD Giorgi Sinauridze was awarded the prestigious Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) scholarship in January 2023, a testament to his exceptional contributions to healthcare and his unwavering commitment to the intersection of medicine and technology.

Giorgi Sinauridze, a distinguished medical doctor and master of Public Health, has played a pivotal role in advancing healthcare accessibility in Georgia’s rural areas. His extensive experience collaborating with the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) to implement telemedicine solutions reflects a visionary approach to bridging the gap between healthcare and technology.

The $50,000 scholarship awarded to Giorgi by Leaders of Tomorrow is a resounding endorsement of his commitment to exploring telemedicine’s potential, challenges, and global impact.

Giorgi’s journey epitomizes the essence of Leaders of Tomorrow’s mission—to empower individuals to shape the future by fostering the marriage of education and innovation. The research results, expected to be published in online healthcare journals, will be valuable for countries implementing telemedicine in their healthcare systems.

Together, we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow and pioneering advancements that will define the healthcare landscape for generations to come.